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New Look

I think everyone knows within our family that my husband’s love in arranging our house whenever he can.  If he thinks that one furniture needs to go because it doesn’t looks good, then he will look for someone who needed that and then buys another to replace it.  During our first year together, I can’t comprehend why he’d do that when it looks new to me but now I understand what he wants and I grow accustomed to that.  I respect his taste when it comes to decorating our house and I sometimes joke him that he should studied interior designing instead of being an engineer.  His friends often asked him on what to buy in their living room or kitchen area to make it looks good. 
What we’ve been talking for weeks now is his idea of our bedroom make over.  And I might agree with him because our bedroom is our sanctuary during the whole day of work and I feel relax just staying in our bed while watching TV or reading my favourite books.  So when he said he likes his cousin’s idea of the modern bedroom set they just purchased in their LA home, he said he might consider buying it also for our bedroom.  I said he should think about it but deep inside I’m so excited having that new set in our bedroom.  I guess we should take a look in our savings first. We should decide what is best for our home.

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