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I’m 29 weeks and 1 day now.  How time flies and we are only waiting for 10 weeks and 6 days before we can see our new bundle of joy J I can always feel her kicking my tummy it sends my dress flying.  It’s an overwhelming feeling and I even got her in one of the videos while waiting for her to kick. 

So the weekend flies that I hardly felt her.  It made me so worried I almost think of going to emergency hospital just to know that she’s okay.  I would lie down to bed so I can concentrate feeling her but all I felt is a faint kick, not the usually MMA kicks she’d do to me.  And then I pacify my mind, I just think she’s having a hard time moving around because she’s getting big and cramping in my womb.  But then she moves around last night to my outmost relief! Though she doesn’t do her usual back flips and everything, it’s more than okay to throw away some negative feelings.

I’m having a hard time sleeping last night.  My tummy is cramping again and any position I made just to sleep soundly was not enough.  I started to feel worried again.  Maybe I should minimize reading some pregnant stories in the internet to lessen my troubled mind. 

This morning, when her kuya Nathan starts having his usual mood swings and then crying while hugging his baby sister, I felt her move.  Maybe, she’s wondering why her older brother is crying.  And then while riding the taxi going to my office, I can feel her moving and kicking again.  I guess she knows now the sound of the engine and the familiar sounds of the moving cars and jeepneys.  I welcome her back.  It feels good that she’s really okay.  Wow, the joy of my pregnancy.  J

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