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Birthing Story

Do you experience the fear of losing everything once in your life? I did.  When my OB Gyne told me that she suspected a pre-eclampsia during a scheduled visit last Monday, April 20,  I can’t talk right away because I was so shocked that my worst fear is right there in that moment.  She said I am only 3cm dilated and her initial memo was to walk, walk and keep on walking to help me to have an easy labor.  I experienced a headache 2 days prior to my OB appointment and we’re worried on the registered high blood pressure.  I keep on thinking that time that because its summer and it was so hot it’s affecting my body.  I don’t want to think the worst out of my pregnancy because I know my baby and I was doing great, I never had HB pressure in my entire pregnancy, my sugar level is regulated and I don’t even have Edema not until that final moment that I gained 2 more pounds. 

My OB told us she can’t allow me to go home and I had to admit right that very moment.  She subjected me in the series of lab test including a 24 hr urine test to determine the protein in my urine, a 24 hour magnesium sulfate treatment that I dreaded most during my active labor the following morning.  They keep on checking my reflexes to know if there is magnesium toxicity.  And imagine doing all of that when I was there in my most painful labor I ever known. They induced me also and they broke my water bag at 4am in the morning. 

I had a 17 total hours of labor that I even begged the medical team inside the delivery room to give me the full epidural because I can’t take it anymore.  I know im losing consciousness and only the hard contractions was keeping me awake.  I endure the chilling and after that, my temperature shoots up to 40 degrees Celsius and I can hear my OB instructing to give me oxygen, check my sugar and then my blood pressure.  I’m drifting in and out of my consciousness but I know I don’t want to go to sleep.  I want to know what’s going on. Until they finally spare me from the pain and I barely heard the anesthesiologist telling me to give my full effort to push (they even help thru pundal moves) and my OB will deliver my baby thru vacuum extraction. 

From that, I heard my OB telling us to stop pushing and feel something that’s coming out of my body and saw my baby after a gruesome 17 hours of my life. She's out at 10:16am.  My baby’s cord was tired around her neck that’s why whenever I exhale, she will goes back to my womb.  As my OB is telling me that it was so near yet so far. My baby is doing great, I heard her cry and I'm crying too. I am so relieved though  I was so tired, exhausted and felt like jelly.  All I want to do is to drink water because my baby and I are both dehydrated.  My voice is hoarse and I wanted to see my husband right away.  I asked the resident OB that time if her pedia is coming for her because I’ve heard my baby has a slight fever. I caught myself in a stainless hand rail in a bed beside me at the recovery room and I looked like I was being beaten badly.  My eyes were all bulgy, my hair was sticking flat to my head, my lips were cracked, and my skin looks dry and wet at the same time.   But I’m glad and so thankful to God that He helps me to make it through.  

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