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It’s been a while. My sister got here from the US to get her son who will had his vacation before he starts being a senior high school (grade 11) this year.  And honestly, when you have your sisters near you, you will feel you have renewed strength.  Just being near with each other, it feels different. Strength coming from your family.  And when she left, (just stayed here for just one week) you can’t help but to feel empty.  That a part of you just left too and you don’t know how it will come back. Oh, gosh, I am not usually this way.  But I needed my sisters to talk to on this moment of my life.  And I will always wait for the time that our siblings will be completed again. Till next time. 

After 2 months of waiting, hoping and praying, I am so blessed I finally received great news! Thank you so much God for this, for the blessings, for continuing love, guidance, patience and being with me all the way.  I know I can’t do this without You, my Lord.  I give all the praise in You.

It’s just a matter of time. I just have to wait for the result.  And I know if its time, God will make it happen. And I need to claim this opportunity.  That God gave this to me.  And I know my life will start all over again as if I’m back from being a 26-year old woman who risked on something new and tried a different path.  I still hope that I have that strength till now. And praying that God will give me that strength so I can be back on my feet once more.  That the confidence I had before can be found again.  I miss the old me.  But in due time, with my family’s help, with God’s help, I can still be me.  I always think that it will not always rain, it's not always stormy, and when it’s over.... rainbow.

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