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Another Month

It’s been a while.  By this time I’m about 34 weeks with our baby girl.  I have to be on a diet now since my OB doesn’t like the result of my latest glucose test.  So goodbye to my cookies, my favorite white chocolate parmesan popcorn, my chilled juices and sweet cravings  and back to half a rice, more water, matchbox size meat, 4 small slices of white bread and a slice of fruit.  I’m beginning to feel the Braxton Hicks contractions mostly at night and sometimes it leaves me breathless.  I just talked to my baby that it’s okay to practice but she should come out by next month, he-he-he. 

During my last visits to my OB, she measured my belly and she said I have quite a big baby inside.  But she said hubby and I are also big so we should expect big baby as well.  But I don’t what her to be that big or what they called Macrosomia or “big baby”.  I want it normal if God permits.  But when I take a look at some pregnant women around me, I thought my belly at 34 weeks is just fine and not that big.  So I really have to keep my diet and sugar intake on check just to avoid complications.  Though my OB scheduled another ultrasound after 2 weeks and I need another test of Post Prandial Blood Sample, that will be my turning point if my dietitian is right on the track. 
My OB also wanted me to check the fetal movement an hour after every meal for 10 minutes.  She wants to know every details of it by my next check-up.  But our baby keeps on tapping her feet and moving around even before I eat my meals that I loose count before the end of 10 minutes.  She’s a happy baby so when her Daddy poke my belly and calls her name, she will poke at him too and moves around my tummy.  She likes to hear the sound of his Kuya Nathan.  When Nathan sings and talks, you can feel her moving around and kicking her feet.  At one time, Nathan was waking me up and when I told him I still need to sleep, his baby sister came to the rescue and began tapping her feet or hands in my belly and yes, I need to get up.  I see the connivance in the future :)

We already finished the entire baby shopping. I just fill up with what are urgently needed.  With all the little clothes and crib that my sister gave me, I save a lot from it.  We are now praying for my safe delivery.  And I know God will help us to make through it. 

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