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When you feel like crying out loud but you just ended up feeling numb? I feel that. I always feel that. Sometimes I really wanted to shout out my frustration, but ended up feeling numb again. I don’t want to stress out, it will show, my children would know and my children are relying to me. I’m not depressed, I’m disappointed that it we come a long way, all those years and here we are, back to square one.

Can I replay one moment in my life where I should laid first the plans? That we should settle first the dos and don’ts? That we amicably agreed on how we should carry out our lives?

 I can’t overturn the stones anymore.  It’s my life that I have to move on.

I’m praying to God to guide the way. To help straighten my faith. And to touch the one who seems to forget that all of this must be handle the right way. 

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