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Best Job

Its 2016 and I’ve never been busy all my life.  But I guess in a very nice way.  With two kids around you and working 5 times a week, my body sometimes says it all, all the muscle aches and even headaches got a toll of me.  But I’m not complaining, I love every single day I have with my kids and my family.  Never gets better than this.

Our baby Resha is like a whole bunch of nieces and nephews roll in to one.  At 8 months and 3 weeks, she knows how to tire up the entire family carrying her.  She will surely rock your world.  She can do a lot of things that you wouldn’t dare to leave her even for a second.  She can move around fast and she can even snatch anything from your hand and when you wanted to take it back, she will cry her hearts out.  She doesn’t want us to tie her hair.  You have to distract her when tying her hair or she will try to rip it off her head.  She recognizes her kuya Nathan, even when her brother is messing up around, she’s like a baby cheerleader showing a happy face and laughing out loud to his brother antics.  He’s the one I always use to distract baby Resha so I can change her clothes or comb her hair.  Even when I was still pregnant with her, she will notice and move around my tummy (as if jumping or anything) when her brother would cry, or laugh or sing out loud.  They can both sleep soundly when I start singing “Rock-a-bye baby” because that’s the song I sing to her Kuya when he’s sleepy and she recognize the song even now.

I am so tired every day from the gruesome traffic I endured on my way home, but the smile and the happy feet wiggling when she saw me takes it away.  Kuya Nathan will kiss me and will asked for his treat and baby Resha will lift her cute little arms to me, making this happy sound as if saying, “Take me, Mommy!”

And so it takes a small little happy smile and a kiss to take away all the worries.  I got the best job in the world.

My world 

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