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So Proud

Nathan just had their culmination activity graduating from kinder 2.  In few months now, he’ll be attending school as grade 1.  Come to think of it, my little boy is growing fast now and before I can blink an eye, he will start to do things on his own.  He’ll be celebrating his 7th birthday this year.

I am always proud of my son, he gave us headaches I know.  He’s not even perfect. He can bring out the worst in you, reminding yourself that patience is a virtue, test your blood pressure, or your level of sanity. Sometimes when things get out of hand and I question everything or go back to whatever happens or if we are doing the right thing on raising him. But when such things are questionable, he would do one thing that makes your heart swell on how proud you are for having him.

Their recent culminating activity is one proof that makes us so proud and happy.  He sings live in their mini talent showcase with his classmate and not even shy about it.  He nailed the song, he nailed his get up, he was so handsome wearing his sunglass and he totally rocks the place.  Their emcee called them the kinder garden heartthrob.  Yes, I strongly agree to that one, he's our very own heartthrob.   And even the parents, teachers and audience are congratulating them for a job well done. Definitely one of the main highlights of the program, he was so happy and he knows that he did good that he even asked for a toy from his Daddy because he said he’s very good, dancing and singing up there in the stage as if he really owns it.

He’s getting bigger and older, but on God’s grace, may he grow up happy, full of life and healthy and continue being the heartthrob J


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