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Happy Valentines!

Hubby never ceases to surprise me that on the eve of Valentines day he really waited for the clock to strikes midnight though I saw that he’s really sleepy and surprise me with my much awaited Canon EOS 500d SLR camera with a box of ferrero chocolates and the sweetest I love you card I ever had.

I can’t think much of anything to give hubby except saying I love you and telling him how thankful I am for having him in my life. I can never imagine life without him and now with Nathan in tow. Life is much better with my 2 boys. We had dinner in a full packed Shakeys restaurant near SM Sucat and I slipped my Valentine card for him in his planner and gave him the sweetest mini fancy donuts from Country Style because I couldn’t think of anything else to buy. Ha-ha!

But I’ll make it up to him on his birthday this April. I promise. Happy Valentines, my sweet haney! :)

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