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It’s the last day of July and tomorrow is the start of my birth month.  I still can’t shake up this ‘sadness’ over me and I guess it’s because I’m having the signs of having my monthly period plus the fact that I'm getting older in few days’ time.  I already filed my birthday leave and a vacation leave the following day so I’m having quite a few busy days ahead.  I told hubby that I will be the one to treat him on my birthday and little he know that I still have this voucher from a posh restaurant in Mall of Asia.  I’ve been saving a lot and this time, it’s my treat.   I still have to add some few bucks though, I checked on the menu and I thought I just need water after his order.  Ha-ha!

We dined at Racks with a few friends from work.  I have the privilege to choose where to eat and I can only think of Racks because I’ve been eyeing to eat their famous coleslaw and melt to the bone beef and pork ribs for quite sometimes now.  Belly full and satisfied, I can’t even drink water anymore. 

I can only think of many wonderful hopes and prayers.  I always thank God for all the blessings.  

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