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I was quite busy these days.  And I don’t know why.  I think I’m having my down days without any particular reasons.  But I think it’s just normal to have this kind of ‘depression’ period, I think way beyond my normal self.  And I’m feeling sad sometimes.  

Well, I need to do something more worthy.  My son is getting hyper as he grows.  He’s on his toddler years and I have to be more careful in dealing with his tantrums.  He’s a sweet boy.  He sometimes wakes us up telling us he loves us.  Oh, I pray he will never get tired of giving us his kisses.  It’s the sweetest good morning greetings of all time waking up beside your loving husband and son.  I feel so blessed. 

I lost P1000 (S25) on my way home last night.  I think when I take out my ID from the pocket of my uniform (blouse), the money came out with it and the lady in front of me ( I was riding at the back side of an FX taxi) was not kind enough to return it me.  I realized it was missing when I immediately felt that there’s something wrong and when I check my pocket it was gone.  I have checked my pocket while waiting for the taxi and I saw that it was there. I usually put my money in the pocket of my blouse and I never lost any single centavo just now.  Well, charged it to experience.  It is my first time to have lost that big amount of money.  Hubby said it was all right at least I am safe.  But I still can’t shake the feeling that someone can take something she never owns. 

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