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I’ve been sick for a week now.  I thought that after my birthday and I haven’t got sick, I’m so lucky this year.  But before the month of August ends, I felt the familiar chills on my bones and that starts with a week-long sickness, I’m down with flu for 3 days, cough for almost a week now and needless to say, my ear throbs because of colds and thank God it doesn’t persist that long.  I brave to go to Emergency Room in the hospital last Sunday because I thought the pain won’t go away after taking so many medicines.  But going to an ER will make you sick more because in there you will see all types of people seeking immediate consultations.  Hubby said it made him sick.  After the ER doctor requested for a nebulizer for me and a chest x-ray (which appears to alright, thank God) we hurriedly went home to rest.  My head is aching and going to the hospital that day didn’t help.

I still have cough till now.  I tried my previous medicines and the new meds that the ER doctor gave me but I think the bacteria are here to stay in my lungs.  It made me lethargic.  Sometimes, I dare to confine myself to the hospital to rest and get rid of my cough but I have second thoughts.

I hope I will be better before the week ends.  I need to get well.  Opps, I forgot to say that we are in a BER months now.  Countdown to Nate’s 3rd birthday and Christmas time.  :D

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