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Rainy days

The weather today is so unpredictable. One morning, the sun was up and then it will rain in the afternoon.  This week, we experience some heavy rains again and the traffic is overbearing.   Waiting in a car or a jeep twice your usual travel time will really test your patience.  Sometimes, I will reach home with my head aching and very tired.  But as the saying goes, when you’re in Manila expect the unexpected. 

I have to bring an extra slippers, a jacket, a reliable automatic umbrella (good thing our company birthday give away is like that) my iPod to kill the boredom and a mint candy to keep me awake.  Actually, I really like rainy season than during summer.  The only problem is the traffic jam that will always come next after heavy rains. 

Oh well, as of this time, the rain keeps pouring like cats and dogs.  I only hope there will be no flooded areas on my way home later this afternoon.  There are some rising cases of the leptospirosis disease and it’s creeping me out. My niece, Aubrey had their field trip today.  I hope everything is fine.  And I hope despite of the rain, they will enjoy their trip.  

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