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I’m having a moment right now.  I was feeling this awkward feeling that something is missing and when I think of it, I can’t think of any.  I wanted to eat something I saw in one of the Facebook post about food recipes and when I told them (my family) that I wanted that, they all looked at me like … “What?? Are you pregnant??!” And they are looking too happy that I cringe.  I don’t want to get pregnant anymore (for so many valid reasons) and I want to enjoy my small family as it is. 

I want to go to some place, where I can be happy and just lay down and enjoy my mango shake and a slice of my favorite cheese cake, but I can’t because I have work and it requires spending more money, and my weekend is fully booked with household chores that I need to finish before the weekend ends and before I can go and stroll at the mall.  But heaven knows, I really wanted to book that one hotel in Tagaytay for days because of the discount and because I think I really deserve to have a break.

I kind of feel lonely.  I really wanted to sleep all day but you know that I can’t.  I’m thinking of a lot of things to do at the same time and then feel alone because I have to consider other factors.  Well, I blame it on my late period, it came 3 days after my due date and it’s safe to say that  all these hormones I’m feeling is because of that. It will all go away.  Oh gosh, it’s not that easy to be us (women) J

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