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New Things

I’m complaining of too many cords on my laptop to hubby.  He chuckles when he heard my ranting, he said I can go directly to the point on asking for a wireless mouse (ha-ha!).  And yesterday, he bought me a wireless mouse and I just closed my eyes when I saw that it’s quite expensive.  He also bought a new speaker for my desktop PC.  Well, he’s really generous and I just knew that he just received half of his 13th month pay ;) 

I’m quite busy these days, I’m into watching the show of Pinoy Big Brother nowadays and I can’t help but to watch the free live stream in the internet.  It was about to end 3 weeks from now.  And I can now focus on other things aside from being addicted to this TV show.


It started to rain these past few days. It’s quite a relief from the searing hot in the afternoon.  

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