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Summeriffic at Subic

We had a 2-day company outing at Grande Island Resort in Subic Bay, Zambales. I was thrilled and excited and I really prepared myself to this once a year event. But I can’t sleep and my back started to hurt again and I’m afraid that I can’t wake up even with alarm. I slept while sitting and I suddenly woke up to find that it’s already 4:45am and the assembly time in our office is 5pm! You will never imagine how I did all what I need to do that morning and hubby sent me outside and wait for the taxi. Still early, the traffic was clear and I was just on time.

The place is great and the sea water is inviting. We gathered in their function room, had a light sandwich snacks and proceeded in the beach front for the relay games . It was searing hot outside and I can see that everyone is irritated. After lunch, we get at the information area our room key and we are so lucky that my three supposed to be room mates from other projects didn't come so I let my 2 office mates to stay with me.

I will let the pictures do the talking ;)

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