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English speaking zone

My male office mate gave me an idea to ask them to speak straight English within our office area.  And it gave us a good laugh.  I can’t stop from laughing because he’s translating Tagalog words in English terms literally and per word (ha-ha!)


After we had our lunch, we can always felt sleepy and sluggish to work but now the new task gave us an all smile and good laugh while working.  It is so hilarious! I told them that any Tagalog word I'll hear from them will have to fine P1.00 payable on our payday next week.  Then the total amount will be use in buying our snacks on every Friday. 


Now, no one is talking. Ha-ha-ha!

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1 shared their thoughts:

About Me said...

hehehe.. parang highschool days namin sa english class :D

oppps.. are you going to ask me to pay 3 pesos for the 3 tagalog words i used??? hehehehe love yah!