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Happy Birthday!! (to me)

It's been another year and i'm celebrating yet again another milestone in my life. I got sick last week and still I have cough and colds and hubby said I'm like that before my birthday, I'm sick again. Oh, no!

Hubby's gift is the Night World series of L.J. Smith and yes, it's a vampire book again! ha-ha! And I was dying to read the other books of this author since I watched the full season 1 of The Vampire Diaries. I was hooked again since Twilight series! Vampire stories are trending nowadays and I was'nt surprised when I saw that most of the books located in the best seller section are all about vampires and supernaturals. But then, I'm so happy I've got my new books again. Hubby really knows what I like :)

This is my special day and though everyday is special when you're with the one you love and loves you, still, I'm so happy that God blessed me with many things. Thank you all for all the wonderful greetings and love.

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