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Hard habit to break

I know I promised to myself never to get involved in the Pinoy Big Brother show but I guess hubby was right after all, it’s a hard habit to break. I was successful on not watching at all, not posting on the online threads or even check my twitter about it. But it takes one friend to convince me that I need to help their group to organize or advise them on what to do (because she said I’m a veteran supporter of this show) and deep inside, I really like this one particular girl housemate and though I admit I can’t catch up with the whole stories, I know I can help them in anyway I can.

So when a friend told me I should go with them to meet Tin in person, I hesitated at first but my fondness with her prevails so I went to the meeting place with my SLR camera with me. We went to Trinoma to buy some presents together with the group and finally meet her, fresh and blood. She is so gorgeous, fun to be with, and very down to earth. Her family were so supportive and everybody were happy together, different folks with one goal, to be with Tin and share the same passion of not giving up though we are all disappointed that she never make it on Big 4 with just a week left.

I’m happy to meet new friends. It’s such a tiring day but we were so full with the foods her family provided and definitely very fulfilling.

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