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Growing Up

Just want to share with you that Nathan is a big little boy now! He is so active, curious and exploring his whole world that we need to act fast or he will leave you behind.

My hubby and I felt the happiness for having Nathan around. He brightens our tiring day in the office. He never fails to amaze us with all new words and things he learns by just copying the oldies. He loves to dance, one day a group of sales personnel in SM department store gathered around him because his dancing with the centralized music in the mall (and yes, it’s the 80’s disco music they were playing that time) but no worries, just a beat can make him dance gracefully. One thing I know, they were all clapping and cheering for him and my heart swells with gladness. My phone is new at that time and I was so disappointed that I thought I was able to record the whole dance of Nate but when I check it at home, I recorded nothing. But I there will be more as I see it. He really loves the music and the music loves him.

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