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Post Party

Our favourite twin’s hectic schedules this month prevented us in our plans in surprising them for their 17th birthday.   I was quite anxious if this will going to push through because they can’t even know their own schedule and sometimes they were notified a day or two before the event or  for their tapings or guesting time.  So when we found out that we’ve got a clean slate on their schedule after their live show last Sunday, i told everyone, this is really it.
 A friend was kind enough to pick me up near our place because I’m bringing all the gifts and camera and everything inside my back pack and I’m afraid to travel with it alone.  We went to a nearby National bookstore for our paper bags, gift tags (in which I found out that 3 of them were not in our paper bag!) We ordered the ever delicious ice cream cake for pick up (because it will melt after 45 minutes) and we reserved a room in Center Stage and we waited for the go signal to pick up the twins.  As always, their surprised reaction was epic and they couldn’t stop saying thank you for what we’ve done for them.  I ordered the foods, we started to sing and we talked about almost everything.  So when it’s time for the main surprise gift of the night, we couldn’t contain our excitement for them.  And their faces reflects all the joy and happiness and shocked all in one were epic.  I can’t help but feel the joy with them.  We extend our stay for another hour and we went to their condo and had a little chat with their Mom.  As usual, we went home very happy and fulfilled.  We can’t wait to be with them again, the soonest the better.

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