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Road Problem

I bumped with a close friend of mine last Saturday.  We were classmate during college years and we hang out a lot until her family migrated to US after graduation.  So I was amazed by her transformations, and I am so proud of her achievements.  She treated me for a quick coffee talk and she said life is good in her job right now and she asked me if I can visit her if USA is in my to-go lists next year.  My stay and my expenses will all be covered and I said I will think it over.
She talked about her brother’s friend who was pulled over because of DUI and she was so concerned because her brother is in the passenger seat. And she can’t do anything about it because she was miles away and she can only talk to them and know more about the situations through their mother.  She is eager to be with her brother’s side as soon as possible but she is scheduled to leave to US until next week.  But her boyfriend assured her not to panic on the matter because they already got the phoenix dui attorney just in time.  My friend was so relieved hearing that and I told her everything will be alright.
We part ways after dinner and we wished each other good luck.  I’m so happy to see her after so many years.

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