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I’m guilty.  I’m engaging myself again by eating a lot and I know I’m not supposed to do that.  But I love to cook and that’s the best thing I can do when at home.  And then we sometimes having this lunch out in the office and I can’t help but to chow down my food.  I am all trying to eat healthy fruits and veggies whenever I can but that wouldn’t help if I keep eating like this.

I talked to hubby to bring down the air bike we bought last year and he was just laughing that the dust will just eat it because I have no time to use it.  But I swear, I wanted to but I don’t know why I can’t. Lazy? Tired?  But I promise, next month, I will make a difference.  Ha-ha!

By the meantime, just look at the sumptuous feast below to know what I’ve been talking to.

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