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Labor Day

Another month has passed and May here in the Philippines means flower and some of the major feast is happening all over the country.  As much as we wanted to travel around to attend some occasions, the searing heat forbids us to do that.  I will rather go to the mall to freshen up or I will stay in our house to avoid the sun. Today is a holiday because of Labor Day and we opted to stay at home to my surprise, hubby agreed. 

Going to church every Sunday is cooler now that our parish priest decided to open the air conditioning system of the church.  I think that is the best thing that happened this month and people are now happy with the changes and for me it encouraged Catholics to give more because we knew that our church wants us to be convenient also.

May is also the birth month of my brother, a family friend and my niece.  And we should not forget the mother’s day on the second week of the month.  I hope everyone can celebrate it in our house.  That will be awesome. 

I can only wish for happy months ahead.  I will not expect but I will pray for it.

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