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Daddy's Day

Today, we celebrate father’s day with the family.  Hubby asked me to cook his favourite dish (Kare-kare) and after lunch, we attended my former officemate’s party for her daughter (and also Christening of her youngest baby girl) at the Phil Navy Clubhouse.  I should have declined the invitation because I think we need a special time with hubby but he agreed to go since the place is minutes away from our house and I wanted to see how Nate will react in a big crowd like that.  Plus I wanted to see my old friend, it’s been seven years since we parted ways and we can only see some updates on each other thru Facebook. 

At the venue, I can see the curiosity in Nathan’s eyes.  He kept on looking at the hanging balloons and he observed the kids running around the party.  So when he asked me for balloons, I said you can get one from the stage and he walked carefully, crossed the stage, get the balloons and get back to us.

And when the programme is over, that’s when we saw Nathan dance with the celebrant right in front of the stage and play with other kids.  We scrambled taking some pictures and I asked hubby to capture the moments in his cell phone video.  We couldn’t contain the happiness right that moment looking at him having the time of his life.  Now we know he can have another party for him on his birthday knowing he can entertain his guest in his most energetic ways. 

We went to church after the party, I thank God for having such a wonderful family.  I thank Him for giving me my ever understanding husband.  I am so happy.

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