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In the hands of God

When I first met you years ago, on my first day in the office, you smiled at me.  That smile promised me of the many wonderful years ahead with you as my work colleague.  We may never be that close but I know when I needed a helping hand; you never hesitated to offer me one. 

We shared the same passions, reading and laughing out loud.  I remember the times when you borrowed my Harry Potter books and every time you returned it, you never forget to include my favorite box of Cream –O vanilla cream filling sandwich. There are times that we just have to dig on foods at the pantry and we tell funny stories that we end up hurting our tummy and our faces aching because of too much laughing.

I will never forget the day that I had a misunderstanding with my colleague and things went wrong.  I never told anyone my side in the story.  Just when I heard you having a deep conversation with one of our colleagues and it seems that you’re debating on something.  And when we’re having a time alone together that day, you told me that one believed that the misunderstanding was all fault.  But you stands by me telling that person that there are always two sides in a coin.  You believed in me even though I remained silent though out that whole issue.  And I will appreciate that my whole life.

Though you decided to be a stay at home mom and wife, we never cease to communicate. That's what social media is for, right?  And then you offered me to learn how to blog.  And that changes everything, my long lost dream to write and to express my feelings, my plans, my endeavors, you challenged it all.  You help me to set it up, teach me how to write a post and paid the price of being recognized.  It was so challenging and I’m forever grateful to you for all of that. 

When I heard of you having difficulties again with Lupus, I prayed to God to give you more years to come and take the pain away.  This world still needs you to help the others and be with your family for a longest time.  But I guess God needed you more on His side and that He decided He needs you to become our guardian angel.  And so, He wants you to rest from all the pain.  I will never forget you, friend.  Thank you for all the wonderful memories and for sharing your life to us. I know heaven is a beautiful place because they’ve got you there. May you rest in peace, Milet

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