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Four Months

I’m 4 months on the way today.  How time flies.  I’m marking my calendar every week and don’t you dare me called me excited J But unfortunately, I got a cough, sore throat and colds which prompt an unscheduled visit to my OB.  I was given an antibiotic for 1 week, Bactidol for my throat, 500mg of vitamins C twice a day and needs to drink 2 liters of water everyday.  With the changing weather nowadays I can see that most people are getting sick similar with mine.  I hate being sick, especially now that I’m having a baby with me. 

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My tummy is getting rounder each day.  My need to scratch my tummy is getting consistent but I need to be careful to avoid dark stretch marks.  My body is changing and usually I’m so tired and feeling weak when I come home from the office.  My back aches like I carried 50kgs of rice and I just want to lie down and sleep. 

But having Nathan around, just a bunch of kisses from my baby boy makes me strong again and time to play with him even for a while.  Talking with my best friend whose 5 months pregnant helps a lot, too.  We are both quite anxious and excited at the same time.  Well, we still have months to talk about what we are going through.  But I’m happy that we are in the same page till now J

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