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Best Year Ever

I can proudly admit that this year is one of the best year for me, for my family, work, love and I thank our Lord God every day for that.  But most of all was having our precious daughter, Resha who came to our life unexpectedly but what a blast! She’s our angel, our princess and our gem.  Her big brother, Nate is equally delighted that he can now see and talk to her sister in flesh instead of just touching my tummy whenever his sister is moving around.

Aside from some minor uneasy situations involving their health, I thank our Lord that they always recovered easily.  They are such a fighter like me :) Nathan told me one afternoon that he’s our prince, baby Resha is the princess, I’m their queen and their Dad is the king.  Having my family around and in good health is like being royals in every way.  They are my life.

August is my birth month, and though this is the first time that I will be working on my birthday, I don’t think much of it because what I’m thinking right now is my long month preparation on Resha’s baptismal.  I already bought Nate’s clothes for that special occasion and I still need more time so we can buy Resha’s beautiful baptismal dress.  There are lots of beautiful dresses in Mall of Asia but its pricey too. I want to try it all on to her :)

I’ll celebrate my birthday in my sister’s house so we can be having another get together.  My mom wants to be with Resha a lot but she has less time for that now unlike before when she use to take care of Nathan till his first year.  After that, I’ll be having a special time with hubby next Monday because my eat-all you can voucher is located at the bay and I don’t want to risk my children’s health in various pollutants around the area.

So another year will be added to my age.  I need to think I’m still young :) Though my body sometimes disagrees ha-ha-ha!

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