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Remember When

I have this kind of thing or whatever you wanted it to call but I love looking on wedding dresses.  Until now that I am into my 11 years of being married, I still like to see those beautiful laces and styles of a wedding dress.  I still recall how I browse the internet looking a perfect wedding dress for me when my husband then boyfriend of 4 years finally proposed and I said, YES! :0  And when I see one, I know it’s perfect for me.

Those tulle beaded dress, satin and French laces and long trains fascinates me.  I wish I can design but I can’t even draw a single line of body shapes and maybe that’s not my thing.  When my sister got married before me, I suggest on her wedding gown design but it’s mostly her that decides on what style to wear, after all, it’s her big day. 

So when I’m thinking on the day that my only daughter finally marries, I hope I can suggest on the designs while jumping up and down out of excitement but hey, she’s only 4 months old! My husband will likely screen all potential suitors and will insist she has to be 30 years old before settling down.  You know, father will probably do that and will think like that when it comes to their daughter.  Me, I’m old enough when I finally settle down and my father kept on asking me when I will get married. Ha-ha-ha!

So now, I will still go on browsing those beautiful wedding dress online and dream about it. 

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