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Baby Event

It’s “BER” months again.  I’m starting to count till Christmas day.  Well, I can’t help it, it is always been like that ever since, me counting the days and but this year is extra special. We have our baby Resha now in addition with my super cute but hyper son, Nate.  I can’t help but feel the excitement for them.  We are so blessed by God by giving us our two lovely children.

Along with my best friend who also gave birth a month ahead of me, we are helping each other with our daughters baptismal this October, when she is already set with the reception venue date and church, we still need to go to Malate Church for the possible date of Resha’s baptismal date tomorrow and along with the 1-hour seminar to follow.  I’m done informing the godparents, got all their full names and advised of the tentative date.

Though I already talked to the cake and cupcake makers, I still don’t send the final designs since we need to guarantee the baptismal date.  We agreed to use our favorite caterer (the one we also have during Nate’s baptismal) but we need to know if the functions rooms at Malate Church is available and how much since its been 5 years since Nate’s event happened there.

I still have so much to prepare and plan.  But now, all I know that it’s TGIF and I will use the weekend to enjoy and have a wonderful time with my family. 

Happy Weekend, blogger friends! God bless!

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