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Happy 3rd Month!

It’s been 3 months since the day Nathan came to our lives and turned our life in a different perspective. Hubby used to spend our weekend strolling around but now we hardly visit his favorite mall and instead stay at home to take care and play with Nathan.

I went to do some groceries for today’s meal and I miss eating spaghetti so I made one and buco-pandan salad for dessert. Hubby’s relatives and my family came to celebrate with us and Nathan seems to know them and cheerfully greeted them with a big smile and a hearty laugh. They love playing with Nathan because he follows your hand gestures and when you keep on repeating words to him. Daddy seems quite jealous when he heard Nathan said ma..ma… when I keep on repeating to him the word, Mommy. Ha-ha!

Nathan is growing fast now. Hubby and his Lola Margie are excited to bring him to the mall. But now we are planning for his baptism and I’m so excited at the plans.

Happy 3rd month, Carl Nathan! God bless you always.
with Mommy and Daddy! :)

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