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Old Photograph

As I check our documents for some copies of hubby’s requirements on his new job (birth certificate, marriage contract, etc) I was surprised to see an old (as in very old) picture of my siblings. It was shot in Nayong Pilipino and our background was the now abandoned Philippine Village Hotel just near the airport. We lived there for almost 15 years and we only transferred to a new place when Papa went abroad.

It was nice to see a picture like this. We haven’t got any childhood pictures because our house was burned when I was about 4 years old and Mom forget to open the wall cabinet because of confusion to save us first before anything else. And in that cabinet were some important documents and our baby pictures and albums. But its okay, we save all the memories in our hearts and mind. And it’s fun to recall all our adventures when we are having our family talk where everything is casual.

So can you guess who am I in the picture?

From left to right- my eldest sister Ate Lhen, the only boy- Kuya Bhoy, mom said the 3rd girl and the 4th boy are our cousin on her side, then the forth one is Glenda (my other sister), and the last one is Me!!! Cute, right? Ha-ha!

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