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Sweet 16

With just 2 weeks of preparations to Ann Li’s 16th birthday, we crammed for the suppliers, souvenirs and venue so we can have a surprised birthday party for her. Good thing the admins of the group knows how to handle pressures well and we were able to make a party and a night to remember for Ann.

Ann came to the venue quite a little late. She informed one of us thru call that her mom and her friend did reveal some of the details and she really felt bad. But we said it was just a usual dinner treat and we wanted to celebrate with her. Finally, she went up to an empty place with her gorgeous pink dress and we came one by one and started to dance with her while giving her lollipops instead of the usual flowers. We caught her by surprised and she was happy that we all did that for her. We had games and dance and we dig on the choco fountains. The balloons arrangement is so beautiful I had a hard time pushing it inside a cab going home. Baby Nathan eyes are feasting on the colourful balloons and he really likes it.

Everyone is tired but the most important is we created a bond and friendship even on our busy lives. We hope that we can continue having fun with Ann and at the same time being happy just to talk about our daily lives.

Happy Birthday, Ann! I wish all the best in life.

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Anonymous said...

where is the venue of ann's party??