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5th Month!

It's baby Nathan's 5th month and I'm proud to say that he's growing so fast and learning a lot. I bought a cake at Goldilocks and my Mom cooked a special pansit canton for us. He kept on moving on every directions and my older sister said if you loosen up your grip on Nathan he'll fall. When you asked him to come to you, he will now raise both his hands and smile. He loves to look on a toothpaste commercial on TV featuring those cute toddlers dancing and singing. He wants to hold on anything he can reach then bring it straight to his mouth. So you have to be alert. You just can't leave him alone like that aside from when he's sleeping. He learns to stick his tongue out when you said the word "beeeh!" and I'm delighted to say that he first learned the word.. "ma..ma..ma".

Nathan's orange choco cake.

We didn't even notice that he was able to grabbed the cake and then put the icing on his mouth! :)

Mommy and baby Nathan (he's already sleepy that time).

We love you so much, baby! :)

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