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Silver Linings

When an earthquake rocks Japan and a massive tsunami follows, I know words cannot express from what happens to the people near the coastlines where the tsunami strikes. People around the world were devastated from what we are viewing in the videos. Our deepest regrets to those who perished and injured in this catastrophe, and I cried for those people who couldn’t do nothing to save themselves from the deadly force of nature.

But above all these sad stories lies a miracle. I’ve read in a website that Japan rescue team just pulled out a 4-month old baby girl from the rubbles. It was indeed a miracle because they couldn’t comprehend why the baby girl survived amidst cold and mountains of debris that surrounds her. But that baby give them hope and strength to continue searching under the cold weather hoping there are still survivors somewhere.

I just read another touching story that made me cry. A story of an injured spaniel dog who survived from the disaster and protecting his gravely injured friend dog. He wouldn’t let anyone come near them. And the video I saw was so heartbreaking because I can see the love between them, and they are animals, imagine that! I love dogs and it is so sad to see your pets suffering like that. But the good news is, when the video of these 2 dogs was seen on TV. The local veterinary clinic rescued them and they are now recuperating from a separate shelters in the same town. Yehey! See, through the dark clouds there is always a silver lining. God bless our mother Earth.

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