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Christian World

Nathan’s “B” day happens yesterday at the Malate Catholic Church were hubby and I married 6 years ago. My family wants Nathan to be baptized in Manila Cathedral were all of my siblings and nephews and niece were baptized in Manila Cathedral. But hubby and I decided to change the tradition because we saw that it is convenient for everybody (travel and location) who will attend the event. I already made a reservation on Malate Church’s function hall a month before and I booked a catering for Nathan’s baptismal so we won’t worry much on other things.

These delicious foods were from Blue Petals Catering. Their event set up was pretty nice too.

Nathan's many gifts from friends, godparents and family. Well, he still doesnt mind all of these but Mommy was really happy.

A friend made the tarp for Nathan.

My officemates who grace Nathan's big day :)

My sister and I went to Divisoria to scout for a souvenir that they can use instead of just a display on the table or cabinet. We think it looks cute and in reasonable price too so I ordered 40 pcs of this candle holder.

Nathan's God parents, my highschool friend and hubby's close friend from his previous company.

Nathan's already sleeping during the entire ceremony as most of the baby's doing that time :)

Friends from my internet world.

We are proud and happy parents of Nathan. He once cried during the ceremony because its getting hot but the moment he heard the priest, he stopped and looked at him as if listening. Then during the time that we sing, he slowly drifted to sleep. The reception was way cooler than we expected so he didnt cry and instead gamely pose for the picture taking.

Welcome to the Christian world, Nathan! We love you so much!! :)))

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