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Big "B"

The Big B finally arrives and everybody in our office is very happy to receive such a wonderful acknowledgement from our company. It’s been long awaited by us and we counted the days since our HR head announced the date of its release. And now the moment comes and like me, the first thing I did after I wake up this morning is to check on the online banking.

I have plans in my head right now but the most important thing is to settle the payments on the house rental of our new home next month. I would like to treat my family and share the blessings with them but most especially bought something for myself as souvenir of my hard work.

We long planned to have a lunch out in a fancy restaurant to treat ourselves and some of our officemates and I’m glad many of them want to join us. We had a good times joking around and I bought a cake for the rest in the office.

It was indeed a thank God it’s friday and above all these, I need to save for Nathan’s future. Thank you Lord on this another big blessings and oh I forgot to say that Big B means Big Bonus :)

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