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Love Month

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same
person. - Mignon McLaughlin

February is a love month. Time flies and we already done with the first month of the year. I wanted this year to be special for my family and I hope to start with something big. But now I have to plan to make this coming Valentine’s Day so special for me and hubby. I’m thinking of an overnight stay in a hotel but I don’t want to leave Nathan in our house but if I do that, we will end up chasing Nate all around the hotel. He’s in exploring mode always and he wanted to see and touch anything around him, so I have to wait till next year so Nate will be old enough that time. I purchased a buffet dinner for two in Trader’s hotel in Roxas Blvd this February 12, and that is a surprise to my hubby unless he finds time to read my blog. Ha-ha! I should carefully plan to set this all up because he only knows that we will be having a relaxing massage that afternoon and he has no idea on what will happen after, he might asked me to dine in a restaurant nearby but of course I will ask him to take somewhere near the CCP (Cultural Center of the Phils) and Trader's Hotel is just in front of CCP.

I’m also thinking to buy him chocolates but upon checking our refrigerator last night, there are lots of chocolates that we overlooked to eat since we did the shopping in Subic last 2 weeks ago. I would love to buy him a teddy bear but on the second thought, he should be the one who should give me that cuddly bear, right? :) Oh, I hate surprises, but I’m quite excited with these ideas of mine.

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