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Whew! It’s been a while that my mind just circling in places. We had transferred to a new house last weekend and I now conclude that for 7 years, we really bought lots of things (big and small) for our house and our room that we don’t know where to put that anymore in our not so big new 2-story apartment. We are so tired that until now, I don’t know where to squeeze the boxes inside our room. And sometimes, I felt like giving up.

I know it will be another whole new world for us and I just hope that God will help us have our own house this year. I kind of tired of jumping from house to house and it’s high time that we will have a house that we can call our own.

Our telephone lines and internet connections are obviously cut and while waiting for a new DSL line from PLDT, but now I’m using a Globe broadband that is quite fast to my surprised.

There are lots of things to share but I don’t know my body doesn’t want to cooperate these days. Pending works, hubby’s work status, my Mom’s life changing decisions, adjusting to our new environment , my incoming monthly period, they are taking toll on me right now and I can’t seems to gather myself.

But I need to have a brave face. More than anyone else, I needed to be strong for them. And my being so stubborn won’t help lighten the mood. Maybe I needed to relax more (sigh).

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