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Gummy Nutrition

I have seen my sisters having a hard time in giving their children their everyday vitamins.  I often help them to do that and resorted to all kinds of distractions just to take their focus away from the vitamins.  My younger sister even cried one time and she don’t know why her son doesn’t want any of it even with a strong taste and smell of fruity flavour.  I was wondering that too and I told them I don’t want that to happen to Nathan so I think of some other ways to give them the nutrition they need without too much of the tug of war between us. 
My best friend recommended Smarty Pant's gummy vitamins that her parents and her daughter are taking for quite some time now.  She said it was given to her by her college friend and she immediately tried it.  I guess this is the best solution we could have and my parents could benefit with it also.  I need to tell it my sisters and they would be ecstatic to know that she can continue giving her son his vitamins without “fighting” with each other.  I believe my son will think that he’s eating his favourite candy.

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