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October Get Together

After many months of planning and collaboration with other groups, the much awaited get together party with the sweetest and lovely trio of Jai, Alec and Joj was held last Sunday.  Thank God that their schedules weren’t on our GTG schedule and all is well that afternoon.  I was so stressed out but it’s all worth it.  I can see the smile and laughter and they were jiving in with the crowd.  Their family was so supportive and even join the games.  I couldn’t ask for more with the group I have today.  They’re the best, despite of the fact that some of them are miles away from us, you can feel with the way they supported us that they are just beside us, tapping our shoulders and telling us we can do this.  And we did and I’m so grateful for our group.  Different folks and strokes and different point of views but we are one.  

We end our happy night having a videoke sing a-long near the twins place.  And we went home all tired but happy.   

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