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Keeping The Faith Alive

There are so many things that happened these past few days.   I think this is one of the difficult times I have to face.  But no, I can still hold on and I need to be strong and I have to keep holding on to my faith.  I need to with what I am before, strong-willed, fighting and positive.   Well last week, my hubby was still having pains in his right knee and he was sick for a week due to flu, cough and colds.  Then Nathan had a fever for 2 days and though he get past over it, he has now cough and he don’t want to eat anything except his milk and I’m having a hard time convincing him to take his “vitamins” which turns out to be his medicine.

A close friend of mine sent us a group message yesterday informing us that one of our friend’s hubby died from liver disease and it was all sudden.  Then I realized, he’s still in his 40’s and so young to leave his family.  But then, this is what you call life.  You have to learn living with it to the fullest because you will never know what will happen next.  I was suppose to see my friend on a get together by the end of this month but now I have to see her not because of that but because she needed us and to keep her strong, It was one of the difficult thing to do.  And I hope she will hold on to her faith, too. 

I’m having a cough too, and my body seems giving up and I want to lie down to bed.  But there are so many things to do this weekend.  I need to step up.  And I hope next week will be my week.

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