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Gangnam Party

Nate ’accidentally joined a 7 year old birthday party just beside my sister’s eatery.  We went there to visit my family and we saw that they setting up the tables and chair.  When they played the kids all-time favourite dance song, Gangnam Style he started to dance in front of the kids and they eventually joined him in the party.

We are all laughing out loud for he dominates the dance floor even though he’s the youngest of them all.  The energy and his charming ways fave the way and everyone are asking about him, his age, where he lives.  He’s our little star.  He even joined the “trip to Jerusalem “game and he keeps on dancing while turning rounds and rounds till he was out.  My cousin was amazed to see him eating spaghetti on his own.  No mess, no spoil foods and when he’s done he asked me to get the plate for him.  They say he learned so much more with just a little time teaching him what to do.

Nathan’s is our joy.  He makes all the stars in the night shining when he laughs.  He starting to utter longer than 2 words together and his energy never wears off.  I admit I have to keep fit to be able to keep up with his energy.  He is starting to say things that I think need a little bit of explanations.  His tantrums are bearable.  We can change his mind to stay away for those things that are off limits to him. Keeping up with Nathan is our major goal.  We hope he stay happy forever ♥

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