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Wedding Plans

Love is in the air.  Well because I’ve heard the sweetest news this first month of the year that my favourite cousin is getting married.  We are urging her to settle down because she’s not getting younger anymore and they both have a stable career and we know they are deeply in love with each other.  Whenever we bring out the walk in the aisle topic, she would just laugh about it and said stop bothering them.  So this is really great news for the whole family and everybody is ecstatic to know the plans and preparations.

Everyone in the family is volunteering to be part of this big event and my cousin started to panic how to accommodate all.  But I told her that whatever the two of them agreed on the entourage, I think they will understand.  She will be the one to design her wedding dress and he wanted to have those beautiful junior bridesmaids dresses she saw online. 

My aunt’s recommend looking for the best dress and checking on the weddingtonway review so they will know if the color and the dress will fit to their brides maids and if they will like it.  Well, she’s right on that and this preparations will surely made our weeks and months busy.  

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