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Never Ever

I stopped by Mt. Arayats halo –halo in Mall of Asia yesterday with my family to claim the voucher I purchased online via livingsocial site.  When I handed them the paper voucher, the two ladies inside the kiosk asked me if I had a reservation, I said I called their reservation number last Thursday and was advised that they are accepting walk-in.  I said to the lady who answered my phone that so I can claim it on weekdays? She said, yes and didn’t even bother to have my name.  Trusting them, I said okay, thank you.  But here they are, telling me that that’s impossible because they are no longer accepting reservations because they are fully booked and they are only accepting walk-ins during weekdays.  I was so shocked hearing their explanations because first, the expiry period of voucher is today and second, the walk-in during weekdays is not even stipulated in the voucher terms.So how can they say that they are fully booked when they know how many vouchers was placed in their branch?

But I don’t want to ruin my day and we are happy having a quality bonding time with my hubby and baby so I just told them to write their name on my voucher and stating the reason of their refusal to accept my voucher.  And I leave them in peace though I was really upset that time.  But my hubby said we can go to Razon’s and eat halo-halo that tastes much better and delicious too.  I won’t forget to raise a complaint to online site where I bought the voucher and promised myself I will never ever buy anymore voucher from this Mt. Arayat again.  

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