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Birthday gift

My niece will celebrate her 14th birthday few days from now.  And she requested to have a small celebration in our family home because some of her friends and classmates will be coming over.  We were quite surprised hearing that from my niece since these past few years, she will only request any gadgets she wants with just a simple lunch or dinner dined out in her favourite fast food restaurant.  But as my husband noticed, she’s getting older now and maturing fast and maybe she wanted to make her birthday a memorable one this year. 

So my sisters and I are now busy planning for the event and we asked our brother to come over.  But actually, my niece wanted to ask my brother for his cell phone that she claimed that it’s the one she fancied at the mall.   Well, I already talked to my brother about that but the only problem is that he lost its charger.  I said nothing to worry about since there are many cell phone chargers available in the market and we will be the one to buy it for her. 

I would like to see her face light up when she open the box.  That’s her big reward for making good in her studies.

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