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Sick Month

February is a sick month for my man and the little boy.  Hubby is struggling to walk straight with his knee injury (though he started to do some lab tests now and an orthopaedic doctor on the way), something happened during his long walk from their office in Makati.  He suddenly slips on his right foot and the pain rips through his brain and he just can’t stand straight.  So after a normal massage from a “hilot”we decided it’s time to use his health card and let the doctor check on his injuries.  And so he was given a nerve and pain medicines and was scheduled for an x-ray and some blood tests the following day.  I am hoping for a normal result and hope everything will be fine.  He’s been in pain for some quite some time now and he deserve to enjoy his new job now.

After recovering from fever and diarrhoea, Nathan’s last stool test confirms amoeba on his little tummy.  We were quite shocked by it since I am so cautious on his food and water.  But his paediatrician said the causes of the bacteria were from different sources though water is the main reason.  So after the series of proper medications and Nathan’s being such a good boy, he was subjected to yet another stool test last weekend. Amoeba is gone but coccobacillus is present so his medications were changed and he was given probiotics and zinc plus another anti-bacterial prescriptions.  His doctor said he will have his appetite again after the medications and there’s no need for another stool test. 

I just wish they will be all fine.  It’s been a tough month for us and I am hoping for some good and feel better news this coming March.  So help us GOD.

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