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Ninja Toys

I was sorting my husband old things from the old boxes he had since his grade school days.  I was smiling entirely with all the notes, love letters and some souvenirs he had and was kept safely to that box.  I never had any courage to throw some of them away, it was part of his childhood memories and instead I put them on the new box I bought last week.  Some of them are his toys that Nathan is fondly playing right now and he can’t believe he was looking at them right now while his son is playing on them. 

Nathan mostly enjoyed playing his Daddy’s teenage mutant ninja toys.  I was a fan also when we were kids and I remember watching my brother playing with his friends.  They all have the same toys and I can recall asking our Mom if she can buy me that toy. With all the new high technology games and toys, we missed having that in our house and it brings back all the memories.  Upon browsing the web, there’s more information here that my hubby will surely discuss to Nathan when he’ll ask about his new toys.  I bet his Daddy can answer all his queries all the time. 

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