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Missing KoyKoy

I am missing this boy or should I say, this big boy beside my hubby.  It’s been years since I last saw him and during my father’s wake that we have given a chance to see him again.  And he changed a lot, he became shy who hardly talk or maybe it really feels so awkward seeing us after all.  He is mature looking even though he’s only turning 12 before the month ends.  

My older sister and I tried to communicate with him in any way we can, we prepared him foods and I told him to just go in the internet shop so he won’t get bored and I will be the one to pay the fees.  And he started to loosen up.  And I can’t help myself but to feel sad with the whole thing, with the things turned out, with the situation, with the wrong minds and wrong people.  I miss the old kid that used to laugh with us and being so sweet and asking us for something. We missed seeing him grow. And it pains me looking at his sad and lonely eyes.  Above all that,  I just wish him all the love, happiness and luck in the world.  It might be the last time we will be able to see him ever again but he knows that we love him very much.  In the right time and in the right reason, we can be together again, happily.  May the Good Lord guide him always.  

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