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Commercial Offer

Nathan loves the mall.  Maybe he acquired it to his Daddy who loves to stroll around to relax.  I think Nate knows that when he saw us both in bed when he wakes up, its weekend and it means SM (his favorite mall of all time).  And he’ll keep on telling that to us till we will be all dressed up and ride the car. 

And his favorite place in the mall? Tom’s World.  And who wouldn’t like to be in that place.  I guess kids and young at heart loves to play.  Later this afternoon, when he’s having a time of his life playing around, a lady approaches me and asked me if how old is Nathan.  I told her he’s 2 years and a half.  She said she’s from an advertising company and my son is handsome and he’s looking for a 3 year old boy for a TV commercial and would like Nathan to audition.   I feel proud right at that moment but politely said he will turn 3 this October.  She asked if he has an older brother.  

I happily told his Daddy about that encounter and he said there will be more of that when he gets old.  Ha-ha! For the meantime, Nathan doesn’t know anything about it and he keeps asking for tokens so he can play basketball.  Well, we’ll cross the bridge when we get there.  Thank you Lord for all the blessings and for this wonderful family.

Happy weekend, friends!

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